Important Information

CHI 1-2-1


We will be holding our own 1-2-1 competition at Spennymoor Leisure Centre on Sunday 21st May 2017.  This competition is open to all CHI students that would like to experience competitive sport Taekwondo.  The competition is geared towards beginners and novices though some “A-class” players will also be competing.  All participants will be matched as evenly as possible with opponents of the same gender, age, weight and experience.  Please encourage as many of your students as possible to take part.  It is a good experience to see if they have any interest in pursuing their Taekwondo careers as fighters.  Anyone that wishes to take part can of course attend fight training in the weeks ahead of the competition to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible.  Instructors will be permitted to coach players from their own clubs.  This does not apply to members of the CHI fight team that will be coach by our own coaches.  Please ensure that any student that applies to take part completes the application form as accurately as possible to avoid mismatches.


Dan Grades


We will shortly be issuing details of the next Dan grade to which we will be sending eligible students.  All students that wish to be considered for Dan grading should submit their names at high-grade training on either Saturday 21st January 2017 or Sunday 29th January 2017.  Forms will then be sent out to students together with details of the minimum high-grade attendance requirements for this grading.


The high-grade session in the week prior to the grading will be a seminar which is open to all students but which is compulsory for Dan grade candidates.  British Taekwondo has dropped the requirement to attend a MATT seminar in order for individual organisations to arrange their own seminars with guest instructors to provide a final session before the Dan grade.  Once dates have been finalised a high-grade training rota will be issued with minimum training requirements.


As ever, it is in all students’ best interest to attend as many high-grade sessions as possible.  There is a specific Dan grade syllabus taught at these lessons and it is not possible to cover in its entirety in individual clubs.  It is recommended that if necessary students sacrifice a lesson in their own club for the opportunity to train with one’s own peers at a more Dan grade specific lesson.  Anyone unable to attend the minimum criteria specified in a student’s high-grade rota should put a request in writing into the CHI committee through your club instructor at the time the rota is issued stating the reason that attendance is not possible.  The committee will endeavour to accommodate alternative arrangements to ensure that all students reach the necessary level.


The cost of a high-grade session will continue to be £5.  However, if more than two members of the same family attend the session the costs for subsequent students will be reduced by 50%.


Insurance and Membership


There have been a few queries recently about the money paid on an annual basis for insurance and membership.  On the British Taekwondo website, it states that insurance from British Taekwondo is £22.  It has been CHI practice to charge £42 for all students.  This £42 is broken down as £22 to British Taekwondo and £20 for CHI membership that is split £10 to CHI and £10 to the individual club.  The money paid into the central CHI fund is a reserve used for a variety of purposes:


  • Hall hire (payable in advance) for gradings and seminars;
  • Mats and other furnishings (we have recently bought all new mats for Spennymoor);
  • Contributions towards the expenses of CHI students and instructors to attend sport and Poomsae competitions, coaching or referee courses and attendance at official British Taekwondo events;
  • Initial set up costs of new clubs or expansion of existing clubs;
  • Initial purchase costs of trophies, belts and certificates for gradings and competitions;
  • Equipment such as electronic fight gear or demo team props;
  • Catering costs for events;
  • Official costs for hosting events such as catering, insurance and security;


Whilst some of these expenses such as those pertaining to events are recovered through the costs of the event, the money has to be paid out in advance of the event.  As with any organisation, CHI will always need to retain a cash surplus in the bank.  This has relatively low limit and anything that exceeds this is immediately put to use.  From 2017, CHI will be fully reimbursing expenses to instructors teaching high-grade and seminars.


The £10 paid to or retained by the club instructor is also used for a number of things.  It is at the discretion of each club instructor how that money is used.  Some only charge their students £5 extra others nothing at all.  Some retain the full £10 for themselves others reinvest partially or fully it in the club.  Generally, this money is used to help with items such as:


  • Instructor indemnity
  • DBS disclosure;
  • Hall hire costs (especially if there insufficient numbers in a class);
  • Mat and equipment purchases;
  • Out of pocket travel expenses;
  • Contributions to competing students;
  • Inter and intra club events;


There is certainly no one making any significant amount of money from his or her clubs.  If parents or students have issues with the charges levied (which amount to about 80p per student per week) or feel they are unable to pay the full amount in one go please feel free to discuss the matter with your club instructor who will address your concerns with the CHI committee.